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Infant Care Incubator

Infant Care Incubator
Product code: P-002 (A)
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Technical Specification

* Totally microprocessor Servo Controlled Circuitry.
* Provided with Dual display for ambient Temp. & Skin Temp.
* Skin Sensor for recording Baby Temp.
* Totally Soft Touch control Panel.
* Provided with audio/visual alarms when:
a) Heater Fails
b) Probe Fails.
c) High Temp. Cut Off..
d) Infant's Temp. Low
e) Infant's Temp. High..

* Mute Function is provided when audio alarm is not required.
* Percentage bar graph of Heater Output is also provided.

Mechanical Specification
* Totally Epoxy Coated.
* Mounted on easy roll on castors for easy mobility.
* Attached I.V. Stand

* Shelves are provided if cabinet is not required.

Available with the choice of:

* Electronic Humidity controls with its display
* Electronic Oxygen control system with its Display.
* RS-232 Connector for PC Connectivity.

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