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Photo Therapy Unit

Photo Therapy Unit
Product code: P-003 (B)
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PHOTO THERAPY has developed for the special purpose of lowering the serum bilirubin of infacts.

Photo Therapy is one of the most widely used methods of treating neonatal jaundice Neonatal jaundice is cause by excess amound of Bilirubin in the blood, the blue light in the photo therapy unite helps to break down bilirubin by reducing its concentration.

Salient Features

* Six, 2feet white/blue tube light with blue/white filter with switcing facility.
* Blue tubes/filter at a wave length of 420-480mm. at a distance of 45cms. from the lamp.
* Can work on low voltage.
* Height is adjustable through a gearbox.
* Baby cradle with transparent acrylic Side Supports mattress for the baby.
* Angle of tube-source is adjustable.

Available with the choice of

1. Digital Hour Counter
2. Bilirubinometer
3. Seprate Infant care Trolley with Under Surface Photo therapy.

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