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Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter
Product code: P-013
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* Full alarm system with adjustable limits.
* Optical and audible alarms.
* Perlusion index bar and signal bar.
* 24 hours memory.
* Apned diagnosis through Digital View.
* RS-232 data link for printer and PC.

Technical Specifications

Measurement range
* %SpO2 : 0 to 100%
* Pulse Rate : 25 to 250bpm

Accuracy %SpO2
* Adult : +-% at 70 to 100% SpO2
* Neonate : +-3% at 70 to 100%SpO2
* Not specification for lower

Accuracy Pulse
* 2bpm

Alarm system
* The alarm will sound at the conditions of SpO2 limits and pulse rate limits, system failure and low battery.

Power Supply
* 1.5V Alkaline two "AA" size batteries or tow NIMH rechargeables or AC power adapter.

Display / Indicators
* LCD Segment display with LCD backlighting. Display of SpO2, Pulse rate, SpO2 limits, Pulse rate limits, battery status, signal bar, signal amplitude.

Output Interface
* Serial RS-232

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